Workplace Health and Safety

Safety Overview

Our WHS Management System comprises of five key elements:
  1. Policy and Management commitment – policy, leadership and support;
  2. Planning – evaluating hazards and risk, applying safe work practices;
  3. Implementation – establishing contract safety management from the start,
  4. Measuring Performance – workplace inspections and proactive monitoring
  5. Audit and review – monitoring management and results.

Safety Leadership and Competency

WHS is at the very core of our business and we recognise the moral and legal responsibility to provide a safe and healthy work environment for employees, contractors, clients and the general public. Working in conjunction with NECA and utilising the HSEQ Management System, all our staff have ready on-site access to all policies, procedures and safety documentation. This ensures we maintain our safety standards and assists with continuous promotion and development of our safety systems and the way they’re implemented. The safe and successful delivery of our projects is reflected by a confident management team with an organisational structure that has the capacity to match the scope of work demands and schedule milestones. We ensure that the mature team of managers and supervisors working on our projects are all trained and supported to be leaders in:
  • how to identify hazards and apply appropriate controls;
  • how the WHS management system functions on site;
  • understanding the project Workplace Health and Safety management plan;
  • how to get safety performance consistent with our objectives and targets;
  • ensuring implementation of policies and procedures by both staff and subcontractor groups;
  • how to sustain the ongoing positive focus of improving safety performance through initiatives and disciplined leadership; and
  • how to balance production effort and time to spend on safety related issues.
All staff employed by Team Electrical Services, including apprentices supplied by Electrical Group Training, are required to complete a comprehensive safety induction before they commence working on our work sites. Our induction and safety program emphasise the following approaches:
  1. Safety happens when YOU take responsibility; and
  2. Right Attitude – Working Safely.
In the initial stages of receiving project contracts, customised Safe Work Method Statements and Site Safety Plans are created and submitted to the client. Such documents are adhered to by all staff on site throughout the duration of works, in combination with regular job risk assessments. Any discrepancies or queries are dealt with as a matter of urgency with the appropriate safety representative. Safety is the first item on the agenda at management and toolbox meetings and Senior Managers conduct regular safety observations (either informally during walk-arounds or formally on all sites on a regular basis) and inspections with safety representatives and advisors. By organising an independent Workplace Health and Safety representative to make monthly visits and carry out independent audits, our processes and procedures are regularly examined and amended as necessary in order to maintain the highest possible safety standards. In addition, by setting yearly ‘stretch hurdles’ of injury frequency rate reduction we have been able to mark our improvement and effort to continue having less injuries with lower severity. As we continue to strengthen the WHS competency of our line management, senior managers, contract managers, engineers, team leaders and supervisors and all those who manage and direct people, we continue to improve our capacity to fulfil a safe workplace.

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